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OGM Oval Gear Meter Common Malfunction and Exclusion

Common Malfunction and Exclusion





Oval gear can not turn

1.when install, some

impuritiesget into the flowmeter and the gear gets stuck

Reinstall after take down and clean, according to the marks on the gear.

New list easy to happen, according to the mark number to set the gears

2.Liquid being checked is muddy, strainer is chocked up by impurities.

Clean the strainer

3.The pressure of the liquid being checked is too low.

Increase pressure





Ova gear turn but character wheel not

Driving wheel get stuck

Clear impurities, if the gear broken than change.

Unusual noise when oval gear turn

Flow to large, exceed rated value

Adjust the flow to rated value.

Character wheel rollback

The liquid flow direction is opposite to the mark on the meter body

Dismantle, install according to the direction of instruction

Deviation to much

Minus Deviation

1.Small flow, lower than rated value

Change a minor-caliber flowmeter

2.Bypass leakage

Check the flow line, prevent leaking

3.Using time for so long, oval gear attrite seriously

Change oval gear and parts

Positive Deviation

1.Air in the liquid

Setup a air eliminator in front of the flowmeter and prevent flange connect place from leaking.

2. Big difference of viscosity between liquid and check liquid

Choose appropriate viscosity liquid

coordination with manufacturer

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