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LPG Dispenser and Parts

LPG dispenser, LPG flow meters, LPG dispenser flow meters, Characteristic

8 digits display with bright backlight.
4-piston based flowmeter with magnetic coupling connection,eliminate the possible leakage.
All circuits install in anti-explosion box with advanced explosion proof design.
Safety breakaway valve prevents the breakage of hose.
Automatic Temperature Compensation. (ATC)
Interface is available for RS485.
Industry-standardized electronic computor register.

Fast simple electronic calibration with seal

LGP Dispenser
gas Dispenser
30year experience on gas Dispenser
LNG/CNG/LPG dispenser
LPG dispenser parts
gas Pump, Flow Meter
LPG dispenser parts
LNG/CNG/LPG dispenser parts

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LPG Dispenser and Parts 

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